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hobbit unexpected journey movie image martin freeman slice 01 First Look at RADAGAST THE BROWN from THE HOBBITRadagast the Brown is probably the biggest hipster from J.R.R. Tolkien’s millenia stretching lore. You know… because you’ve probably never heard of him!

Hilarious, right?   I’ll take that unimpressed sigh as a resounding “no”.

Anyways, Peter Jackson has just revealed the first photo of the ol’ beastie loving wanderer and he’s looking 50 Shades of Hagrid.  Now, you might not be able to tell, but beneath all of that makeup is Sylvester McCoy, of Doctor Who fame.  The years have not been kind.

hobbit 16 590x394 First Look at RADAGAST THE BROWN from THE HOBBIT

Being a huge fan of the books, I can’t wait for Radagast to pop up on the silver screen.  I’ve always been a bit unsatisfied when it comes to Tolkien’s coverage of the lesser known Istari (the order of wizards including Gandalf and Saruman).

So what do you think of The Hobbit pic? Is it way too awesome? Is it kinda weird?

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  • Jack

    Alatar and Pallando are the real “unknown” Istaris. At least Radagast turned up in “The lord of the rings”…

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=15935803 Fats Mclemlich

      I google the Blue wizards about once a month, hoping that a long lost Tolkien essay pops up with their backstory. Apparently he alluded to them in a later letter, insinuating that they actually did something important in the East, instead of “going off into the east never to be heard of again”.

      BTW… how the hell do you think Tolkien will use Radagast without compromising the original LOTR trilogy. I mean… he was never even mentioned, and he happens to be one of the 4 most powerful beings in middle-earth (gandalf, sauron, and sarumon being the others). You think Gandalf would first give him a ring when he finds out about the eventual War.

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