First Look At New Season of Arrested Development… Kinda

Almost a year ago Michael Hurwitz announced a sequel series to the cult hit Arrested Development would air on Netflix, followed quickly by a film (in wide release… hopefully).

Today, Ron Howard, the much beloved, pithy narrator from the series, leaked a pic of the first episode’s script.

I know, I know…

This isn’t much, but for a fanatical AD fanboy like myself, this is enough to warrant a mid-day chub. Maybe even a full on nerd boner. Check it out below.

In case you’re not familiar with this new season, allow me to explain. Each episode will follow the exploits of a main character, recounting what they’ve done since the ridiculous conclusion to the original series. So… we’ll have 30 minutes for Michael, George-Michael, Lucille, and the rest of the Bluth clan (with a Funke or two thrown in).

SOURCE: twitter

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