FANTASTIC FOUR REBOOT Has A Shortlist of Actors…

I am just as excited about finally getting a new Fantastic Four movie as I am about the new X-Men mega-pic.  Sorry Rise of The Silver Surfer, but you hurt my nerd feelings.  Which is why I almost blew a gasket when Variety reported the actors linked and testing for the new  Fantastic Four movie.  I understand the fickle nature of the ‘biz, but these names inspire hope in mine own nerd kingdom.

Variety reports that Kit Harrington, Jack O’Connell,  Miles Teller, Saoirse Ronan,Kate Mara, Margot Robbie and Michael B. Jordan are getting ready to try and fit in with the fabled foursome.  That is a load of young talent.  Apparently, Michael B. Jordan is the only name being talked about for the Human Torch (for now), while Harrington, Teller and O’Connell are ready to read for the part of Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic himself.  Kit is one of the many talented actors on HBO’s Game of Thrones; he plays Jon Snow.  So young Lord Snow certainly has the chops to tackle the Stretchy GuyMiles I am not so sure about.  Teller is most famous for the movies Project X and 21 and Over; I do not know that he can bring the drama to the part.  Jack is a relative newcomer; an English actor who will be appearing in the new 300 sequel.  I do not know enough to form an opinion, but here it goes anyways – this guy might be perfect (or maybe that is just my inner anglophile shining through).  Its a mixed list but it has a lot of potential.  I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

And I have not forgotten about the women; how could you?  Ronan, Mara and Robbie are looking to win the Sue Storm sweepstakes.  Any one of these lovely ladies would be wonderful, but I am holding out hope for the young Miss Saoirse, she of Atonement and Hanna fame.  Mara has already had a spot in Iron 2 (as a Marshall) and I do not think she could pull off the blonde look (oh, God – I hope they keep Sue Storm blonde).  Margot is an Australian actress who absolutely smolders.  She played in Vigilante and I.C.U.  I would not be disappointed if she beat out my favorite Irish girl, Saoirse.

None of this is cast in stone (did you see what I did there?) and I am sure many changes will occur.  I know who I am picking for my Fantastic Four as of now though….do you?

Source: Variety

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  • perda

    so, it’s official…. We’re getting a black johnny storm?….

  • Zorrito Plateado

    I dont think a black storm will make it for the movie. am not racist at all, -am latin by the way- but, come on. disney have to stop that “power rangers” scheme of all races team up… just ruined.

  • DoigtDuPeuple

    People who scream “RACIST!” at us for wanting a Caucasian Johnny Storm are the same who’d scream “RACIST!” at us if we we’d say that we’d be fine with a white Blade character or a white Luke Cage, or even a white Black Panther because the best actor for the role would be a white guy..

    If we do get the black Johnny Storm, tell yourself that they didn’t go black because he was the best fit, they went that route so they could sell the movie to the black community instead of just doing a great movie from one of their black character franchises.

    Blade were great, good, and ok good movies in that order. Imagine the same movie with a big name like Tom Cruise as Blade or John Travolta! How ’bout a martial artist like Ray Park?? That would’ve been the worse decision making in casting history.

    If you want the black community to come out to the new FF reboot, then stop pretending that’s not what you want and go for it by including a character that could fit into the FF world and even get his own movie.

    How about this Nightmask character (the new one) he even has the cosmic power link that could fit in! If they treat him well, he could be one hell of a character to develop in future movies.

    There is also the obvious choice of Power Man, he could be very well treated into the story also.

    Stop switching things around for the sake of marketing ploys. If the damn thing has been working for over 50 years, I’m pretty sure that means that the 50 years of marketing behind it worked so leave it be and give us a good established full fledged black hero instead of switching a white one because they never gave the black one a chance to have a good origin or storyline to support them (other than Blade I mean). Even War Machine is a second string to Iron Man so… Give us an existing black hero with some substance, or give him some as Marvel Movies and Comics don’t necessarily follow the same origins.

  • jack del rio

    worst casting ever

  • bfg666

    If they’re making Johnny black, what makes you hope for a blonde Sue?