Fangirl Unleashed: The Year in Review

2012 has undoubtedly been a great year for geeks – so what were the highlights for this particular fangirl? Do they match yours?

The Avengers Assembling

In a year whose packed line up had something for every geeksuasion, The Avengers was the one movie that stood out for me. While it’s easy to argue it had Hulk-sized plot holes, it was also smart, slick, anchored by a great script and across-the-board fantastic performances (bonus points for kick-ass women who never felt like decoration, and team chemistry that never faltered). I loved the hell out of this movie and I wasn’t alone, as word of mouth enthusiasm meant that this smashed records across the globe – and with The Dark Knight Rises, Amazing Spider Man, the final Twilight movie and the Hobbit all getting the tills ringing, this was arguably the year when geek culture became undeniably mainstream.

Fake girl geeks

Alas, while geek culture was assimilating the mainstream faster than the Borg, some sad corners were fighting to keep it away from the grubby arrivistes – well, only if those newbies were women, of course. This argument resurfaced repeatedly throughout the year, whether it was calling out ‘fake geek girls’, labeling cosplayers as whores, or simply foaming at the mouth with incomprehensible, badly spelled misogyny, there was no shortage of commentators and creators prepared to insult their male and female fans by implying the former are gullible, easily manipulated losers and the latter are attention-seeking sluts. Lovely.

Joss Whedon’s Other Game-Changer

I’m not entirely sure A Cabin in the Woods (which Whedon co-wrote and prodcued) was quite as game changing as it was billed, but there’s no denying it was one of the cleverest and most fun films of the year – even if it was a nightmare for all those reviewers desperately trying to talk about it without giving away any of the twists.

Rory and Amy bow out in style

The departure of the Ponds seemed to be talked about so much that by the time it arrived I was feeling a little jaded – just go, already! – but luckily the show pulled it off in style when the moment finally arrived. It wasn’t a flawless episode, by any means – if you thought about any of the story too long you ended up with a whole lot of ‘but how come…?’ questions – but it was moving, redemptive and emotional and was a fitting tribute to a love story that has occasionally floundered, but in the end felt both real and triumphant.

Amazing TV

While personally I felt some of my favourite shows lost their way this year (Supernatural, True Blood, I’m looking at you) that was balanced by some standout series that reminded you that, at its best, TV can match anything you see in a multiplex. The Walking Dead revived itself from the sluggish pace of last season to become more urgent and thrilling than ever, while Game of Thrones remains one of the most imaginative shows around: the stunning Blackwater episode rightly recognised as one of the best episodes in any genre this year. Plus the show managed what many Brits thought utterly impossible – it made Jerome Flynn cool.

A New Hope

The sale of Lucasfilm to Disney – and subsequent news of new Star Wars films – was met with mixed reaction, but one thing’s for certain: few events gave birth to more internet memes…


My personal highlights

My own highlights were of course finally getting another book out, my urban fantasy novel Dark Dates, and even managing to squeeze out a couple of short stories, A Vampire Walks Into a Bar, and A Vampire Christmas. I’ve connected with some fab readers and bloggers over the course of the year due to this – so thanks to everyone who read it, and who has taken the time to read and comment on these columns over the year. Here’s to 2013!

I’d love to know what our highlights are – and what, with my lousy memory, did I miss off the list? Let me know in the comments.


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