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Fangirl Unleashed: Roll on 2013!

Happy New Year! Now that the holidays are behind us – am I the only one who feels like Christmas was months ago? – it’s time to start looking forward to all the goodies that 2013 has lined up for us. So what are you most looking forward to in the coming year? What are you worried about?

Avengers Unassembled

Despite a slew of solo outings pending for the Avengers over the next couple of years, the thing I am most excited about is the SHIELD series. With a rough US air date of late 2013, the series is apparently set after the Avengers movie, and frankly I don’t care how they get around the fact that Coulson carked it in the film, the fact that Clark Gregg is coming back for the series is enough to make me excited, never mind the fact that Whedon has written the pilot. Coulson lives!

Star Trek Into Darkness

Confession time: I’m not a Star Trek fan at all, and pretty much all of my knowledge about the original series comes from watching The Big Bang Theory and trying to figure out the references. So when people talk about whether Benedict Cumberbatch’s Big Bad is really Khan or not, I simply nod and try to appear knowledgeable, despite the fact I have no idea who Khan actually was. But I thought the reboot was enormous fun and the trailer for this looks great, so I can’t wait to see what Abrahms pulls off.

Leverage Says Farewell

While I’m sad to see one of my favourite shows cancelled (and if you’ve never watched this show you really should; it’s smart, slick and often very funny) it’s nice to see a programme bow out at the height of its powers rather than drag on for season after season after the magic has gone. So farewell, gang, it’s been a joy.


The Walking Dead – What Happens Next?

Glen Mazzara’s firing from The Walking Dead is understandably worrying for fans who thought he’d revived a show that, with its seemingly interminable stretch in that bloody farm in Season 2, had started to look stalled. Season 3 so far has been a thrilling, visceral ride and many credit Mazzara with that turnaround. While we might never know the full story, tales of internal clashes are already starting to appear, so it’ll be interesting to see what network AMC does next. It’d be a real shame, though, if internal politics scupper what is currently one of the most exciting shows on TV.


The Doctor’s New Companion

The Christmas special of Doctor Who gave us our second look at new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman, and consensus seems to be that she’s a success. Personally while I found Coleman pleasant enough, I thought she was a tad too ‘spunky by numbers’ for my liking, but I suspect that’ll settle down once she’s properly on board and I’m curious about the intrigue set up around her origins (and how she’ll end up as a companion) and look forward to seeing how having a different set up in the TARDIS affects Smith’s performance.


Will The Wolverine Get It Right?

As someone whose love for Wolverine was kindled by the classic Claremont/Miller miniseries on which the new movie is (apparently) loosely based, I have high hopes for this film, but I admit I’m not enamoured of director James Mangold. I still think Jackman is great casting, though,  so would love to see him in a solo outing that does justice to the role. Failing that, there’s always Days of Future Past to look forward to in 2014…


So, what about you? Anything you’re excited about for 2013? Anything filling your heart with dread? Let me know!

I’ll be back in a fortnight, or feel free to pop over to my blog, Body of a Geek Goddess.

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