The Fanboy’s Halloween Guide; Part Five Bloody Energy

As much as I enjoy Halloween, I tire of seeing film recommendations that simply list all the typical horror classics, and established high points of the genre.  As a horror fanboy I’m going to recommend a pair of lesser seen flicks that work well on a cold October night.

 Tales from the Crypt Demon Knightjada


Before his work directing on Treme and The Walking Dead Ernest R Dickerson helmed the first of three full length features baring the name Tales from the Crypt.  Demon Knight was the first entry and released in 1995 while the show was stilling running on HBO.  Demon Knight pits William Sadler’s noble Brayker against Billy Zane’s wildly evil character known as The Collector.  CCH Pounder a woman I always enjoy seeing (except in Robocop 3) plays one of the many supporting roles.

The film’s action goes down in a single location with demon fodder trapped in a hotel as The Collector tries to collect a mysterious vial in the possession of Brayker.  Demon Knight is a horror comedy, that always plays its kills and dangers straight without any winking nods to the audience that what we are watching is silly.(Unlike the sequel Bordello of Blood)  The action is fast paced and it remains a largely forgotten, but simply enjoyable little horror romp for genre fans.


Trick R Treat

sexy halloween costume

Michael Dougherty’s directorial debut came after he had a hand in writing both Superman Returns and X2.  Dougherty also supplied the screenplay for this little anthology flick whose cast included Leslie Bibb, Brian Cox and Ana Pacquin.  The script and direction flows seamlessly between four narratives that all occur on Halloween Night.    Think of something like Crash, except make it a horror flick.  Dougherty’s movie mixes both the fantastical and mundane creating a surreal mood that drips though every frame of the flick.  Trick R Treat also boasts, ‘Sam’ an iconic horror figure that deserves the same regard as Freddy and Pinhead.


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