While attending this year’s COMIKAZE Expo, I was able to sit down and speak with a couple members of the illustrious Comic Book Men cast.

For this round we have the always spectacular, Mike Zapcic.

Alright, introductions are complete. Into the depths of the interview we go!

UTF: So how long have you worked at Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash?

Mike Zapcic: I’ve been there for thirteen years. Walt Flanagan hired me in 2000.

UTF: And when did you first fall in love with comics?

Iron Man Montage SetMike Zapcic: Oh, wow, my god. I can’t even tell you when or what my very first comic was. I learned to read from comics. Comics have always been a part of my life. I have five older brothers. One of them, my brother Dave, borrowed a stack of comics from a friend of his and I’ve been told that I cut out panels that I liked in the Iron Man, ruining his friends comics. So my father had to buy all the comics.

UTF: Nice. That’s awesome. Because, for me, when I first started reading comics I got a shoebox from my  older brother full of old Weapon X 1_Ctorn and tattered books. I had no idea what the stuff was and the next thing I knew I had Weapon X. I had all these older issue and it was just an eye-opening experience.

But back on point: I’ve got to tell you the “Comic Book Men” show has been great so far. I’ve been watching since season one. I just love getting to see more people that are more or less like me. My fellow fanboys and fangirls that are just having fun with it and making a go at it.

So my next question is: in the course of the three seasons do you have a favorite moment?

Mike Zapcic: George Perez was of particular note. When Ming and I ran the zombie run. Finishing that was pretty intense because most people don’t realize, but we had to run that obstacle course a time or two. We did a lot of filming there which was really cool, so yeah, I was pretty proud of that.

Comic Book Men George Perez

UTF: Well that’s really awesome.

Mike Zapcic: One other. Stan Lee. Can’t forget meeting Stan Lee. A dream come true.

UTF: I can only imagine.

In any case, is there anything coming up in the current season that you might want to tease to the fans?

Mike Zapcic Comic Book MenMike Zapcic: You get some cosplay. Actually, you get some cosplay from Walt Flanagan who said he’d never cosplay. We’ve got some non-Star Trek sci-fi guest stars. What else can I tell you? We’ve got … We have an actual super guest star, and that’s all I say.

UTF: All right, that’s completely fair because I know no one wants spoilers… well what am I saying? We spoil things all the time [laughs]

In any case, I guess if you had to pick your favorite comic book issue, not necessarily a character, but issue, something that’s stuck with you? Because I know for me I think back to, I think it’s Peter Parker: Spider-Man #26. It was an arc told specifically about Spider-Man from the perspective of law enforcement and medical personnel. It was done by Paul Jenkins and just as soon as I got that comic it struck a chord with me. I’m wondering if there’s something like that for you.

Avengers 151_CMike Zapcic: Yeah there is. There’s actually two of them. One of them is … They’re both Avengers books. One of them is Avengers #151 which brings back Wonder Man who’s been established as my favorite character Avengers 161_C… and Avengers #161 where Ant-Man loses his mind. Henry Pym finally goes off the deep end. Which is pretty cool. You get to see how powerful Ant-Man can be.

UTF: Definitely some great choices.

As we wrap up the interview I’ve just got one question left. Is there anything you want to say to your fans out there? Can be about anything.

Mike Zapcic: Sure. Actually, we do this … for ourselves, but we also do it for you because we’re fans too. It’s … the thing I love most about “Comic Book Men” it’s a show for fans by fans.

UTF: Couldn’t agree with that anymore, sir.

Comic Book Men AMC Interview Banner End

I want to take the time to thank Mr. Mike Zapcic for chatting with me, it was an to chat with one of the always astonishing Comic Book Men.

But what did you guys think of the interview? Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!