STAR WARS EPISODE VII Has Release Date Of December 18, 2015, No Matter What

It seems as though J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy have sent Disney a second request to push back the release date of Episode VII to May 4th 2016.  The request has been denied.  The script is apparently being revised by Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan potentially due to Harrison Ford’s injury as Han Solo was set to have a major role in the film.  Rian Johnson has also been brought in to direct Episode VIII and potentially IX.  While nothing is clear and won’t be for years, I would say push the release back, especially if it means we get more Han Solo action.  These films are guaranteed money makers, hell they could be dumped in February and still clean up.   People have been watching Star Wars since 1977, will releasing the next sequel 39 rather than 38 years later matter?  This is not rhetorical, the answer is no.