Ei8ht #2 Review

Was the fabulous opening issue too good to be true? Or is this a series that all comic book fans should jump aboard? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

A sci-fi tour de force by American Vampire cocreator!

Chrononaut Joshua is stuck in the dimension known as the Meld, captured by a camp of rebels that oppose the maniacal Tyrant and his champion, the Spear. When Joshua remembers his mission, the past and the future collide to reveal the peril he must face.

Ei8ht #2 previewIf I had to pick a standout comic from February, it’d probably be Ei8ht #1, with it’s intriguing set-up and wonderful premise captivating from start to finish. Building upon this, the creative team delve deeper into the world of the Meld, with the sci-fi genre showing some fantasy elements. It also goes to explore the other areas of the world that were teased in the colour key, with the “8” that Joshua scribbled on his arm proving to have more meaning than he thought.

Rafael Albuquerque has definitely proven to be an imaginative writer, as along with Mike Johnson, he has created a fascinating tale of mystery and intrigue. Introducing us to more characters in the Meld, as well as other characters looking to reach the Meld, this writing duo continue to grab my interest, with the plot developments making the phenomenal opening issue look rather average. The engaging dialogue shared between the different characters also allows for an immersive feel, with Nila’s revelation leaving this reader begging for more.

I always knew I was going to love the artwork on this series, but Albuquerque has blown all my expectations out of the water in these opening two issues, with the gritty tone, and breathtaking scenery being truly sensational. The way that he conveys character depth and emotion also helps to give a dramatic atmosphere, and along with the sleek layouts, it easily mesmerizes. The colours also continue to allure, as though the differential colour scheme takes a bit of getting used to, it allows for a clear transition between time periods.

Ei8ht is quickly becoming one of the best sci-fi series in recent history, as though the industry is filled with many great tales from the genre, this one manages to stand out in a way that is utterly breathtaking. The introduction of new characters, as well as development of the established, also helps to expand the quality of this concept, with the exploration of other timelines only going to further intrigue.

  • + The Meld is becoming more intriguing by the minute.
  • + Rafael Albuquerque has created something truly astonishing.
  • + The "8" in Ei8ht becomes more symbolic.
  • + Tantalising revelation!

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