Donal Logue Might Play Harvey Bullock In GOTHAM


Rumors can be a tricky thing when it comes to movies and television, and the upcoming Gotham TV series is no exception. Several days ago, Latino Review’s El Mayimbe reported that Terriers and Sons of Anarchy actor Donal Logue was offered the role of James Gordon in the upcoming Batman prequel series. Logue later took to Twitter to deny this claim.

Now, it should be noted that he said, “from what I heard.” Naturally most of us can assume that Gordon would be a younger man in this Gotham show, but is it also possible that Logue has some inside information on what’s being planned? Just something to think about.


Anyway, Mayimbe updated his article today apologizing for his original report, stating that he had forgotten to check which role Logue had been offered and assumed it was for Gordon. He clarified this by stating that Logue was actually offered the role of Detective Harvey Bullock, a well-known fixture in the Gotham City Police Department. Mayimbe also gave Bullock’s description in the show as, “in his 40s and described as Gordon’s mentor in the pilot.”


Obviously this is still just a rumor, but earlier today when Mayimbe sent a tweet apologizing to Logue and hoping he’d play Bullock, the actor responded with this:


Unlike the Gordon rumor, he didn’t deny the Bullock claim. Once again, it’s still a rumor at this point, but it’s likely that we’ll be seeing Logue play the grizzly detective in the pre-Batman series. At the very least he might be in talks to join the show in some other capacity.

Having Bullock be older than Gordon is an interesting change. In the comics, he is around the same age as Gordon and one of the few decent cops left in the GCPD (at least Post-Crisis Bullock is). I’m guessing that show is looking to have an older, supporting character for Gordon to look up to, and since the only other medium Bullock has been seen in is the ’90s Batman animated series, it would make sense to adjust his age a little bit since most non-Batman enthusiasts don’t know who he is.

Hopefully this means we’ll get more established Gotham police officers in the show. Renee Montoya, Gillian Loeb, Sarah Essen, Crispus Allen, etc. Let’s get the whole gang together to…fight a losing battle in a terrible city. Can someone remind me why they decided to make this a Batman prequel?

SOURCE: Latino Review