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Hmmm… not bad. According to the latest rumors, Edgar Ramirez, who played the main antagonist in Wrath of the Titans, is in talks for a role in Marvel Studios’ upcoming Doctor Strange movie. Director Scott Derrickson’s remained mum on the matter, but Edgar Ramirez is a rising star, so he could easily play any number of characters from the Strange mythos.

I personally prefer the other rumored candidates like Tom Hardy or Jared Leto for the titular role, but I’d be perfectly happy with Ramirez as Stephen Strange. Not only would a hispanic lead diversify the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it’d add a comfortably ‘modern’ feel to the flick.

When asked about joining the Doctor Strange production, Ramirez simply stated…

“We’re talking. We’ve been talking.”

Really? I know we should expect these monastic bouts of silence from Marvel’s new casts, but I can’t wait any longer!!! I just gotta know. Give me a hint. A tiny sliver of hope. If Ramirez simply stated “I’m no Master”, referring to Strange’s title as the Master of Mysticism, then we’d clearly know he’s not in the running for the lead. What heartache that would spare. Instead, we’re forced to contemplate a world where Tom Hardy, Jared Leto, and Edgar Ramirez are all competing for the Sorcerer Supreme’s cape, and while that is definitely a cool collection of potential protagonists, I don’t wanna wait.

I suppose Ramirez could portray a villain. Dormammu. Mephisto. Nightmare. Shuma-Gorath. None of those are too enticing, though, as most will rely on a combination of motion capture and CGI.

Knowing Marvel’s propensity for genre-bending fare, I’m most excited to see a superhero film spliced with Horror. There’s nothing quite like it on the market, although the first Blade gave it a good try (still more of a traditional vampire tale, than anything else).

Doctor Strange is a card carrying member for the New Avengers

Doctor Strange is a card carrying member for the New Avengers

Source: IGN

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