Doc Ock Returns as The SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN in August

Superior Spider-Man was one of the most critically acclaimed and best-selling titles in Marvel’s catalog when it was cancelled abruptly to usher in the return of Peter Parker. As relieved as fans are to see Petey back, many miss Doc Ock and his warped version of the wall-crawler. At C2E2, Marvel teased us with a pic of the Superior Spider-Man’s visiting the year 2099, and today, Marvel announced that Superior Spider-Man is returning in August and September with issues #32 and #33!superior spiderman 32

C’man y’all, did you really think Marvel was going to get rid of one of their most popular characters? Sure Petey took back his brain, but Doc Ock is a genius madman- something as silly as a cancelled title and the lack of a body cannot stop him from dominating the marketplace.

Here’s the deal: The issues will be co-written by Dan Slott and Christos Gage; art will be provided by Giuseppe Camuncoli on issue #32 and Adam Kubert on issue #33. The issues are going to explore where Otto went in Superior Spider-Man #19 when he vanished in “a flash of temporal energy.” Turns out he was zapped into the future, 2099 to be exact, “a time where science and intellectual advancement is at least closer to his genius. He needs to find his way home, but things get a little more complicated than that,” says co-writer Gage to Oh yeah, and somehow in the future he bumps into his “greatest rival” Peter Parker, who Gage promises is “a very different one from the one we know.” “Is this an untold chapter of the past, a tale of the future, or both?” Gage teased. The two issues will serve as a lead in to the next Spider-Man mega event- Spider-Verse.superior spiderman 32 cover

I have been one of Dan Slott’s biggest critics. His Superior Spider-Man run was over-hyped due to lame twists and shock value. Each issue was promoted at a “universe changing event” that couldn’t be missed. The past year of Spider-Man comics felt like late 90’s prowrestling- there were constant twists and turns that meant nothing in the long run. Along the way, Slott lost sight of the themes that made Spidey so iconic.

That said, I am happy Superior Spider-Man is continuing because so many fanboys and fangirls love reading it. My constant complaining means little when Superior Spidey is one of Marvel’s top titles. It is certainly a smart move from a business perspective. No matter how much I dislike his writing, Slott always brings fans clamoring to their local comic shops to find out what will happen next.