DEXTER “Dress Code” Review

With Dexter’s end getting ever closer, it’s more than a little bit worrying that these last three weeks have been disappointing on many levels. I’m going to discuss the main factor for this, the fact that (don’t quote me on this) he hasn’t killed anyone in his kill-room, on his table, is really pissing me off. Dexter is a show about a serial killer, who kills people who have done bad things,┬áin his kill room. So why is this being changed this season? Why are we left to watch the season when this years “big bad” has already been killed off in the first couple of episodes? I have no idea why, there’s not much going on now since that’s been covered.

The only thing that’s going on now is a little, tiny, tidbit of development with Zach Hamilton every week. And rumour has is that he’s going to die before the end of the season. So what else are we left with? Oh yeah, Hannah. I was okay with watching Hannah this week, I was hoping that she would only be around for maybe two episodes, and then piss off like we all want her to. After watching this weeks tale of events however, it’s clear this won’t be the case. That’s right, we’re going to have to sit through God knows how many more weeks of regurgitated crap from last season. Yay.

You’re probably wondering why i’m not really addressing anything that happened this week, and that’s because nothing major did happen. I have always thought that most of the time whenever Dexter fails to impress (it happens rarely) it’s down to the amount of storylines they try and fit in every week. Seriously, there’s only around 45m every week. Let’s count how many plot points and relationships they tried to fit in this week.

  1. Dexter & Hannah
  2. Hannah & her new husband (whatever his name was, I do not care)
  3. Masuka & his daughter
  4. Debra & Jacob
  5. Quinn & Jamie
  6. Debra & Cassie
  7. Angel & Jamie
  8. Dexter & Zach
  9. Dexter & Vogel
That is a ridiculous amount.
Also on the topic of meaningless tripe we had to put up with, Cassie was killed by presumably, Zach. Shocker. At least I don’t have to watch Ryan Gosling’s stupid face anymore.
This weeks episode of Dexter was probably one of the worst i’ve ever seen. Disappointing on all levels. The only good thing was it showed how much of a badass Dexter is at one point.



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