DC and Warner Bros. may be lagging when it comes to getting their cinematic universe established, but their future in TV has never looked brighter. Today the CW announced the series orders for The Flash and iZombie, and less than an hour later, NBC announced Constantine‘s pickup. These announcements comes days after Fox ordered Gotham to series. Along with Arrow, which has been renewed for a third season, this makes five DC properties (although iZombie is from DC’s Vertigo imprint) that will be on the small screen for the 2014-2015 season.

The Flash will follow Barry Allen, who previously appeared on Arrow, as he discovers his newfound powers that make him The Fastest Man Alive. Starring Grant Gustin, this is the second attempt at a live-action Flash series after the 1990 show starring John Wesley Shipp (who will guest star in the pilot as a yet-to-be-announced character).


iZombie will adapt the 28-issue Vertigo series written by Chris Roberson. It will feature Rose McIver as Liv, “a med student-turned-zombie takes a job in the coroner’s office to gain access to the brains she must reluctantly eat to maintain her humanity, but with each brain she consumes, she inherits the corpse’s memories.”


Constantine will feature the gruff, chain-smoking supernatural detective John Constantine. After giving up his “do-gooder life,” he’s thrust back into fighting demons when he’s forced to protect Liv, the daughter of an old friend, who possesses the second sight, which allows her to “see the worlds behind our world and predict supernatural occurrences.”


This is an exciting time to be a DC fan. It’s obvious that Marvel is kicking DC’s ass when it comes to movies, and DC and Warner Bros. may never catch up. However, they’re making up for it by bringing these characters to a smaller venue, and across three different channels no less. Of course, that’s not to say that these shows will be successes. The Flash will likely do well given its relationship to Arrow. iZombie is a weird concept, but it might do okay. Constantine will air on NBC, the same network that’s done well with Grimm, so we know the network has experience with supernatural shows. As for Gotham, the premise is intriguing, but at its core it’s a Batman show without Batman. That’s already divided fans, but we don’t know how the general audience will feel about it.


Still, it’s not an exaggeration to say that DC will be dominating the TV landscape in the coming months. It’s possible that DC has found finally its niche. As for Marvel, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. hasn’t been renewed yet, and there’s an Agent Carter TV series being talked about. For you scorekeepers out there, Marvel wins at movies, DC wins at TV. Not that it’s a competition between the two companies…oh wait.

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly, The Wrap