DC Is Responsible For The Most RACIST Villain In Comics

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I was travelling through the back alleys of the interwebs earlier this morning (and by earlier… I mean 11:45 sharp!) and as I allowed Reddit to sink its horrible, soul crushing tentacles into my mind, I was caught off guard by one particularly ridiculous bit of comic book lore.


Ever heard of that villain? He’s a DC creation from the 80’s, and as his vampire-friendly name suggests, he loves blood! Not just any blood, though, he loves AIDS filled blood, and he attacks Black people. Oh… did I forget to mention that this pale, pasty blood sucker is a white supremacist whose sole purpose in life (or, I suppose, the after-life) is to rid the world of non-whites?

Good going, DC. I know I’m about 30 years too late to start complaining, but I should commend you guys for hitting it out of the park with this whole “most distateful thing I’ve every seen” thing.  Now, I tried to dig around the internet for some more tidbits on this Aryan asshole, but I couldn’t find a damn thing.  Conspiracy?  I think so…

SOURCE: Reddit

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