Matthew Modine, the interim Gotham commissioner from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, is gunning for Doctor Strange. No joke. Besides starring in that final Batman flick, the actor’s best known for flopping real hard in a 90’s pirate-themed flick, the name of which escapes me right now. Oh, and I guess he was a pretty badass actor in Full Metal Jacket.

Modine wouldn’t be a bad choice. The thespian’s got a great pedigree, he’s just old. With 55+ years on this planet, no matter how youthful he may seem, Modine’s a bit too aged to start a franchise. Marvel hopes to lead their next few phases with Stephen Strange and his mystical antics. Without insulting one of Gotham’s boys in blue, Marvel would probably want to cast a 30-40 year old actor.

Matthew’s still gunning hard. Here’s what he said:

Matthew Modine

“Whenever there’s an opportunity to work in a high-profile film, and in this case such a delicious role, you want the appropriate people to be aware of your interest. It would be interesting to see if Marvel might take notice of voices on Twitter. We live in a brave new world of instant shout-outs.”

No rumor or announcement indicates Modine’s in the running. If the latest Doctor Strange movie leaks hold any truth, Joaquin Phoenix could snag the part. He’d be a superior choice, in my opinion. Besides superior acting chops and a more youthful guise, Joaquin just exudes “mystic” aura. Those creepy eyes. They’re so deep, so scary. Whenever I catch their gaze, I feel obligated to recite that classic Gladiator speech. I don’t care if I’m at home, alone, browsing Reddit. I am Maximus Decimus… You know how it goes.

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  • Hulon Pate Jr

    I could see it with some dark hair dye. But my 1st choice is and always will be Eric Balfour

  • VirgilHawkins

    Star is giving him a bit too much credit. I don’t even remember this guy at all.

  • nerdrrage

    Joaquin Phoenix is the guy.