The CW Is Starting The Clock On HOURMAN TV Series


The CW is developing another show based on a DC character, and time is especially of the essence. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Hourman is the next contender for another hour-long drama on the network. Michael Caleo, known from the Sopranos and the recent Ironside remake, will write the script and executive produce the show alongside Dan Lin and Jennifer Gwartz.


For those not familiar with the character, the original Hourman debuted in the 1940s as Rex Tyler, a pharmacist who invented the pill Miraclo which gave him enhanced speed and speed for one hour. Serving as a member of the Justice Society of America, he (like many heroes) fell into obscurity after World War II, but he would occasionally reappear as a more complex character who we discovered was addicted to the pill. Other versions of the character include an android from the future and Rex’s son Rick.

Hourman is the second show to be officially in development after Arrow’s Flash spin-off show, although the Wonder Woman series Amazon is still in consideration. Along with a Constantine show being developed by NBC and a Gotham City show ordered straight to series by Fox, this makes four official TV projects by DC Entertainment.

I’m not sure how I feel about Hourman being one of DC’s next TV projects. On the one hand, I like how they’re trying to give their attention to lesser-known properties since it’s unlikely we’ll ever see Hourman in a movie. On the other hand, Hourman isn’t known or even recognized by the general population. At least Green Arrow and Flash have name recognition for being Justice League members. If this show gets ordered, they are going to have to heavily advertise that this is from DC Comics and on the same network as Arrow.


Logistics aside, this does sound like an interesting idea. I hope that they format it as a legacy-type show. Instead of Rex being the main protagonist, have it be his son Rick who discovers his father’s previous crime fighting ventures and have him take up the mantle. I wouldn’t want it to necessarily cross over with Arrow and possibly The Flash when it first airs, but I think once it has time to mature, it could make a good addition to the DC Television Universe. Who knows, maybe we might see a version of the Justice Society appear.

Just make sure to get those PSA’s out there for the kids watching the show: taking a pill will not give you super strength for an hour. If anything, it might cause you to black out and wake up naked in the clothing section of K-Mart. Don’t do drugs, kids.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter