Corporate America Takes Another Stab at our Childhood

If there’s one thing that corporations love, it’s taking some of our most iconic stories from childhood and shamelessly using them to peddle their products. Well, in case you missed this particular Super Bowl commercial, MetLife did just that. Now, they’ve been using the Peanuts characters in their promotions for some time, but they’ve never really had a gathering of characters like this before. Featuring most of Hanna-Barbera‘s lineup, they managed to actually make a somewhat classy promotion for insurance. See it for yourself below:

Oh, by the way…were you able to find Waldo? He’s in four separate parts of the commercial, so give it another look through if you still can’t find him. Here’s a cheat sheet if you’re really having a hard time.  Just highlight everything below…

0:06 behind the trees, 0:09 walking in the background, 0:14 walking down the hill…and 0:24 right next to Jabberjaw.