New CONSTANTINE Trailer Suggests A Certain FATE

DC is developing a habit of giving cameos to famous headwear. The Arrow pilot featured Deathstroke’s mask on the island, and now Constantine is getting in on the action. In the newest trailer for NBC’s upcoming horror show, there is brief moment where someone is lifting the Helmet of Fate, which is worn by DC sorcerer Doctor Fate in the comics. At this point, I’m curious whether we’ll see Jay Garrick’s helmet or Captain Cold’s parka hood in The Flash pilot.


If DC had their own Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Fate would be the likeliest candidate for the title. While many have taken the name, each have worn the helmet that was given to them by the entity Nabu. In some adaptations, the helmet allows Nabu to take control of the wearer. This isn’t the first time that the helmet has shown on live-action television. Doctor Fate appeared in the Smallville two-parter “Absolute Justice,” and the helmet reappeared in “Lazarus.” Are they reusing the same helmet for Constantine? That’s kind of lazy, but then again, there’s not a whole lot of alterations you can make to it.


Although this is a TV adaption of the famous occult detective, up until now there had been no indication whether the show would include other famous DC characters. By showing us the helmet, they’re either just winking at the fans, or hinting that at least aspects of the DC magical world will be included. Given that the first half of Constantine will be focusing on demons and other horrific monstrosities, I wouldn’t expect appearances from other supernatural characters until near the end of the first season at the earliest.

If we’ll potentially be seeing Doctor Fate at some point, that means that there could be appearances from other supernatural characters. Zatanna, Etrigan, Swamp Thing, Deadman, Madame Xanadu, The Spectre, there’s so many possibilities. Unless that Justice League Dark film gets off the ground, this may be the only chance these characters get to appear in live-action media, and think of the spinoff possibilities. The DC TV supernatural universe. Wordy, but it sounds cool.


Check out the rest of the trailer below.