CONSTANTINE Trailer Blazes Its Way Online

Three days after its pickup, NBC has released the first trailer for its upcoming comic book series Constantine. With all the satanic and demonic elements in the show, it’s ironic that they released it on Sunday, the Christian Sabbath. Regardless, check it out for yourself!

As for its time slot, NBC will air Constantine Fridays at 10 pm, placing it directly after their other supernatural hit Grimm. I guess the network thought Friday nights are a good spot for their creepy and otherworldly shows. In addition to the trailer, NBC also released the show’s logo and two new images.


Constantine - Season Pilot

Constantine - Season Pilot

Dark, disturbing, frightening and filled with a lot of fire: everything a Constantine show should be ! To be fair, I don’t know much about John Constantine, but from what I saw, it looks like this show is adapting the gruff supernatural con-man pretty damn well. Matt Ryan has him dow pat, from his look and accent to his attitude and the way he says “bollocks.” Now that we’ve actually heard him say “bollocks” too many times, but it certainly sounds right. There were also glimpses of his supporting cast Liv and Manny the angel. Quite the eclectic talents John will have helping him against the forces of hell.


One thing’s for sure: this will not be a typical comic book show. Unlike Arrow, The Flash or Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Constantine will focus on the supernatural and horrific forces from other worlds rather than…y’know, super heroics and universe connectivity. Will it adapt the source material faithfully? Probably, but there’s still no word on whether it will be related with DC’s other movies and television shows. For now, Constantine is a separate beast, and it should stay that way, at least for the first season. Let John and Liv fight demons on their own. Don’t worry about inserting a Swamp Thing or Zatanna cameo…yet.


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