Christopher Nolan’s “Man of Steel” Sucks?

The Superman reboot Man of Steel won’t hit theatres until next year, but there’s already been a bit of buzz about the film’s quality. Apparently the WB just hosted a private screening of the rough draft, and the general impression was ‘meh’. Actually, it was a bit worse than that.

Peter Sciretta, the EIC at /Film tweeted about the event, and before ominously deleting his posts, we managed to grab some quotes (thanks to nolanfans). Here’s the scoop…

“Exclusive: WB/Nolan aren’t happy with early cuts of Snyder’s Man of Steel.”

Realizing that he committed a bit of a media faux pas by leaking privy gossip, he amended his comment with this:

“No one I know will go on the record about Man of Steel (obviously) so for now consider it purely gossip and lets see what happens”

“Generally, bad early cuts are nothing new in Hollywood. Many good movies had them. There is a lot of time between now and release.”

With The Dark Knight helmer Christopher Nolan signed on as producer, I wasn’t expecting any negative reactions.

He’s Chris “I Got This S***” Nolan! How can anything possibly go wrong under his guidance.

Now, before we all go rabid at the sight of another Superman Returns sized fiasco, allow me to remind you that some juicy clips of MOS will be filmed at the San Diego Comic Con.  So we only have a few short days until we can see for ourselves whether or not these tweets are true.  You know, if the hand picked scenes actually reflect the quality of the movie.

What do you guys think? If this is true, does MOS have time to recover? OR could this seriously be a stinker?

SOURCE: twitter