CHIWETEL EJIOFOR Wants To Be In A Superhero Movie

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Chiwetel Ejiofor, star of 12 Years A Slave and the dude who stabbed people with a really cool sword in Joss Whedon’s Serenity, has finally voiced his opinion on the whole will he / won’t he star in a superhero movie. Personally, I think Ejiofor’s the perfect candidate for Tony Stark, if Robert Downey Jr. ever abandons the role. Although Black Panther might seem like a more obvious choice, because both Ejiofor and the King of Wakanda are both black (in case you weren’t aware), but the thespian’s more of a martini sipping, lady’s man in my opinion, which is written into Tony Stark’s DNA.

In any case, Ejiofor is interested in a superhero role. The actor stated:

“I’ve never had a conversation about it with any of the big cheeses! […] but definitely I’m a huge fan of all that so that would be definitely stuff that I’d be interested in.”

Alright, if not Tony Stark or Black Panther (if we’re going to hold him to that role), then who else could Ejiofor play? I kinda want to reserve him as a Marvel character, but perhaps DC has a better catalogue of available heroes from which we can choose. Uhhhh… Green Lantern? I’ve always imagined Idris Elba in that role, but Ejiofor wouldn’t be a terrible replacement. Lex Luthor? Cyborg? Aquaman?

On a serious note, though… please refrain from Aquaman, Warner Bros. There’s only one king of the Oceans, and his name’s Namor.

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  • Mitchell

    Not a bad article. But that quote was terrible. Terribly placed and terribly written. Would be laughing my ass off if I was recording those words. I’d say green lantern would be the ideal match for Ejiofor if he really is so specific on portraying the role of a superhero. A marvel superhero role might make more senseto Ejiofor’ history with he who has easily become the king and leader f the marvel motion picture universe sir Joss Whedon. But what would my opinion matter..I’m just a 20 year old writer from Idaho lacking motive, opportunity and a steady state of mind, right?

    • SMOOF

      Eh, Mitchell Myers from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho… Quit being a bitter homo. Don’t you have a sister to fuck, or whatever it is you do in Idaho.

  • Yahnamore Zebulun

    Yes, one king of the oceans and his name is Namor. Thank you so very much…. the Submariner ROCKS!

  • Tracey

    I love him as an actor and would love to see him in a superhero movie, ideally something written by Whedon (though must admit he doesn’t work as Stark for me: maybe because I’ve never seen him play that lighter side but I see him as something darker and more serious – not that Stark doesn’t have a dark side, obviously – but that could be because I’ve only seen him in those heavyweight dramatic roles; if he has a more playful side, I’d love to see it.) Not sure who I’d cast him as though – though I do think either he or Elba would make a great Bond, and I’d love to see that happen.