Check Out RDJ’s New Wheels From IRON MAN 3

A few days ago we reported Robert Downey Jr. lost his footing mid scene on the set of Iron Man 3, injuring his ankle in the process.

Well, the eccentric actor was gifted a very Tony Stark-esque golf cart from the studio, designed by a particularly excited redditor known as Mrthejsauce.

Yea, I don’t know what his screen name means either. I just hope it has nothing to do with jizz, because of his use of “sauce”… and “Mr.”

Don’t give me that look. ¬†Your mind went there, too.

Anways, check out the pic of RDJ’s new flaming whip below.

Is this flamboyant enough for the billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, or were you expecting a bit more repulsor blasts?


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