MARVEL Seeks To Ruin CAPTAIN AMERICA For Everyone With New Game

captain america winter soldier game

A new tie-in game was announced yesterday with Marvel partnering up with renowned “We’re going to clone your game and rename it” mobile game developer, Gameloft, in creating a game for iOS and Android platforms based on Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

For this game announcement, I sat down with Marvel’s head of mobile gaming, Karen Wallerman to ask her a few questions about the upcoming game.

Bader: So… just to be clear here, this is a Captain America game?

Karen: Yes. You play as Captain America. It’s a tie-in game.

Bader: Tie-in to the new movie, right?

Karen: Yes.

Bader: What made you decide to go the mobile route?

Karen: Have you seen those console games? They were awful. Going mobile was the only way we could make an even worse game.


There you have it, everyone. Straight from a fictional source that I shamelessly made up to make a baseless point.

Watching the teaser further confirms this. Did you see those animations? The suit isn’t even the right shade of blue. How are people supposed to enjoy the movie when the tie-in game is so awful? It’s only 22 seconds but don’t think that for once this intrepid reporter ISN’T going to harshly judge the merits of this game simply based on the limited gameplay footage seen in the video because this reporter is a serious journalist.

The iOS and Android versions of the game will be released late March 2014, while a Windows Mobile version will be released later.

animated_captain_america__winter_soldier_logo_by_skinnyglasses-d5d1y4q.gifSOURCE: NEWSARAMA

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