Who Let These Hippies Write The New HOBBIT Song?

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Brush off that dust covered guitar you’ve left sitting in the corner of your bedroom, load up the finest bowl of weed (the Shire variety), and let’s get to jamming!

The WB has just released the latest song from THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY and it’s a mellow, chill fest of a jam. Eat your heart out Phish.

We weren’t able to score a proper embed, so just click the image link below to play

So what do you think? A bit Simon & Garfunkel – esque, right? Now Peter Jackson is only 1 Jason Schwartzman short of a proper Wes Anderson flick… which would kinda be alright. ¬†Imagine all the cute and quirky misadventures they’d have. ¬†If only…


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