Well Hello Blade, Where The Hell Have You Been?

Marvel’s favorite vampire-hunting black man is finally back in the spotlight, and not a moment too soon. Joining the ranks of Iron Man, Wolverine, and X-men, Blade will premier in his own Japanese anime.

Is it any good? Well, that’s a pretty tricky question to answer. Was the Wolverine anime good? How about the Iron Man one? If you’ve seen those series then you have a pretty good idea of what you’re getting into with Blade. If you haven’t…I’m sorry to¬†disappoint¬†you, but expect mediocrity. It’s certainly a visually appealing show, but there’s obviously something lost in translation (pun intended).

Check it out for yourself in the new trailer below:

As much as I try to like Marvel’s foray into the world of anime, I get the impression that these are mostly soulless adaptations. They’re certainly pretty, but something gets bastardized in the transformation.

What’d you guys think? Sound off below.

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