Black Cat And Spider-Slayer Planned For Future AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Movies

If you keep track of casting for comic book movies (and if you’re on our beloved site, I’m guessing you do), you’ll know that among the large cast of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 are B.J. Novak and Felicity Jones playing Alistair Smythe and Felicia Hardy, respectively. Most Spider-Man fans will recognize these two more by their criminal names: Spider-Slayer and Black Cat. However, unlike Electro, Rhino and Green Goblin, they will not be fighting ol’ Spidey. Well, not yet anyway.

When asked by Den of Geek whether these two characters would be following the same path as their comic book counterparts, producer Avi Arad stated, “Definitely,” to which producer Matt Tomalch added, “There are no accidents.” However, their exact role as villains remain unclear, specifically whether they would face him in one of the direct Amazing Spider-Man sequels, or if they would join the I-Hate-Spidey club in Sinister Six. It’s too soon to tell.


Unless The Amazing Spider-Man 2 drastically alters Felicia (and these days it’s not unheard of in a comic book film), I don’t see Black Cat being a Sinister Six member. She’s always been a their and antiheroine rather than an actual villain, and her relationship with Spidey is more flirty than malicious. If they’re smart, they’ll use her as a conflicted love interest for Spidey in a future movie.


Spider-Slayer, on the other hand, is a perfect contender for the Sinister Six. The guy’s got everything: super-strength, bio-organic armor, robot spider minions, and best of all, he warps the symbol of our beloved protagonist. Sinister Six, hire this guy on the spot! There’s no need to look at his resume, he’s the whole package.

SOURCE: Den of Geek