Ben Affleck’s BATMAN is in The Flash TV Series?

The implications! We’ve just seen the leaked Flash Pilot (it was awesome!) and we saw a particularly interesting Easter Egg. In recent weeks, rumors of a marriage between the DC Television Universe and DC Cinematic Universe have seeped into the aether of the interwebs. I’ve been hesitant to believe them, as the concept of a marquee character like Green Lantern or the Flash double dipping in film and tv is a bit weird. Unlike Marvel’s Agent Carter or Agents of SHIELD, DC’s purported strategy will relegate the solo adventures of silver screen icons to television series. Would you ever expect Chris Evans’s Captain America to star in his own serial? Or how about Chris Hemsworth’s Thor in an 8 season series? It just doesn’t make sense!

But, in order to differentiate themselves from Marvel’s mighty movie pantheon and to minimize risks, it does IN FACT seem that Warner Bros. will have a unified television and movie universe starring their Justice League roster.

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After watching the Flash Pilot, we caught glimpse of a Bruce Wayne Easter Egg, and in light of these married universe revelations, we have to ask… will Ben Affleck portray Batman in the Flash series? Even if he doesn’t manifest in a proper cameo, is the Bruce Wayne of the Flash tv series the same as the one in Batman v Superman? According to our sources, I think he is.

Bold strategy, DC.

I’m alright with second-rate characters starring in their own shows. As much as I love Oliver, an Arrow tv series is perfect for the archer. The same can be said for Gotham. Commissioner Gordon could never blast box offices in his own solo movie, but he’s the perfect candidate for an ongoing tv show. Flash is not. Green Lantern is not. Besides drowning the character is underwhelming television tropes, how can I believe that this CGI-restricted character from the television series is the same form a $250 million movie? And that’s a massive break point for me. How can I suspend my disbelief when the production value between a televised Flash and a cinematic version of Flash or so different? One is limited by tv funding and the other is bolstered by a massive injection of CGI. They’ll look so incredibly different, even though they’re meant to be one and the same.

The same can be said about Ben Affleck’s Batman. Here we have a bonafide badass who’ll undoubtedly underwhelm if restricted to a television budget.

If I could borrow an ear from WB’s execs, I would recommend separating the Cinematic and Television universes.

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  • Nathan Hunkin

    Unless it turns out to be just one season of ‘The Flash’ and the rest of the story is told in WB/DC movies. Having a one season TV series (or more – either way doesn’t matter) could serve as a prequel to the DC cinematic universe.

  • Think by Yourself

    I’m with Nathan, some characters like Aquaman, The Super-Twins, etc, could have their own series 1+ season(s) just to make a background and be inserted in the Justice League movie. With that in mind the budget for these would be a lot inferior to a movie, and the movie itself would lead to a massive search to the series, linking each other and selling tons of merchandising.

    While Marvel have chosen to make a movie for each character (and made a lot of money) we as a fans have to wait a loooong time to check their world and so that a lot of introduction must be made in the movie.

    Maybe someone in WB/DC have been hit by a lighting and had this great idea, and then we may end up having 3 or 4 super heroes series that will connect with each other in a massive 3h movie like we’ve never seen before…

    • CancellingtheApocalypse

      Marvel is making Netflix tv series out of Daredevil and the like with cgi powers in the same universe. TV can look good these days, we have the technology

  • your name

    sorry but didn’t they said already that the TV and Movie are DIFFERENT universes?

    • ROD_HNM

      And George Lucas said that he NEVER would make a new Star War again… Thats how the $ sign works on the industry 😛 😛 😛

  • CancellingtheApocalypse

    Game of Thrones doesn’t look like tv. If the ratings are high a good budget it will get

    • ROD_HNM

      Booobs !!! 😛