Batman Has 30 Years And A Dead Robin Under His Belt In BATMAN V SUPERMAN

At this point, it’s no secret that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will feature an older and hardened Batman. It’s a welcome change given how many times we’ve seen Batman’s origin. However, exactly how long Batman’s been on the scene hasn’t been disclosed. Ten years? 20? Well, according to a report by Devin Faraci of Badass Digest, Bruce Wayne has been around three decades by the time Batman V Superman begins, meaning Bruce Wayne is in his 50s. This explains why recent set pictures show Ben Affleck rocking some gray hair. Affleck turns 42 soon, so they have to age up that handsome face of his. Don’t deny it, the man looks good.

I should have seen this coming given how much The Dark Knight Returns is inspiring this film, but honestly, I’m surprised he’s in his 50s. Given Affleck’s age, I was guessing that Batman’s been scaring evildoers for about 15 years. 20 tops! I didn’t think they would actually take him to his Returns age. This reaffirms yet again that we’re getting a much different Batman for the DC Cinematic Universe, ideally one more strategy oriented; something which hasn’t been covered as well in the previous movies.

UPDATE: has sources that state that Batman will be in his 40s in the movie, not his 50s. Again, neither publication has been confirmed, so we’ll have to wait and see whether Batman is a quadragenarian or quinquagenarian. 


However, despite his long crime fighting career, apparently the Batfleck has maintained a low profile during those three decades. Faraci describes him as “a quieter operator, not involved in blockbuster battles but in all sorts of badass vigilantism.” He also hasn’t been at it alone, either.

In this version Batman is still an urban legend, a creature of the night, and no one has ever taken his picture. But he’s had plenty of adventures, and the Batcave includes a memorial centered around a tattered Robin costume.

This is one of two things. Either Dick Grayson didn’t bother to get his old Robin uniform repaired after becoming Nightwing, or (and this would be so much better) Batman has a memorial for Jason Todd! With three decades on the job, it’s not hard to imagine Bruce going through several Robins, and after losing one of them to his arch-nemesis, he started working alone again. If DC is indeed planning a Batman solo film, Jason Todd’s return as Red Hood would make an excellent story. Just don’t make it too similar to Batman: Under the Hood.


Oh, and as an added bonus, Faraci also revealed that Wonder Woman has been active and keeping a low profile before Batman V Superman. I’m intrigued at how an Amazon warrior wielding a sword and lasso is able to work as secretive as the guy wearing a dark costume at night. Come to think of it, that’s not too clandestine either, is it?


SOURCE: Badass Digest

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  • Kondorr

    Maybe they go for Bruce older than Ben so that they can make a prequel stand alone Batflick with Batfleck…
    I mean, it seams Bruce is almost 10 years older than Ben, and Ben could just as easy look good as a 35 year old… so they actually have a lot of creative freedom this way… more than 15 years were they can explore the mans story in stand alone prequels… and sequels… those too… of course…
    But I think I would like to see prequels first (but not origin stories to Bats himself…)!

  • VirgilHawkins

    I like how every site has reported the tattered robin suit as instantly being Jason Todd without even considering that it could be Damian as well. If Bruce is in his 50s, he’d have had to met his son by then.

    Also, if he’s 50, doesn’t that only put him about 10 or so years away from meeting Terry McGinnis? Crossing my fingers for a Batman Beyond trilogy after a few Batfleck movies.

    • Marcell Hines

      But if they are basing Batman’s character it makes sense people would jump to Jason Todd, since in the original story his death was the reason Bruce quit.

      • VirgilHawkins

        I mean, yes Jason Todd makes sense, but if he has 30 years under his belt, it would make sense to also include Damian in the speculation, since Todd would most likely have been resurrected by then and assumed the Red Hood Identity for a while

    • marco

      but they could just as easily leave Damian out of the movie storyline altogether. They could even introduce the girl Robin.

  • chris

    Can I just say that I am flipping amazed* and delighted that they are showing us the Jason Todd Memorial in the Batcave?!!!! and yes its JT because that is his memorial in the comics and why would they insert this in a film and not credit the actual Robin that its orig attached to? (*does happy snoopy dance). As someone else already stated- this gives them SO much back story to fill in, it could be glorious! Wheres Dick Grayson? wants!!!!!!

  • marco

    As long as they don’t spend too much time on origin stories. We all know how batman came to be and how Robin came to be, etc. If they want it spoken, fine – have a character explain what happened while some action is going on. Or have a brief (minutes) flashback to explain how Batman came to be and even what happened to him. that goes for Robin, WW, Aquadude, or anyone else they have in the films. Use this movie to introduce these characters on film and then follow that up with solo films for WW, Aquaman, Shazam, etc. and you can explain who they are and how they came to be in those solo films in more detail.
    Also, DC is missing the boat on using their TV show properties and movie universe together (I’ve heard they don’t plan to tie them together).

  • camaro_mang

    The made an animated movie liks this, the guy from Robocop voiced bruce wayne

  • camaro_mang

    Peter Weller me thinks