Awesomeness Ensues, My trip to C2E2

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending one of Chicago’s biggest comic book and entertainment conventions, C2E2. Let me say, walking into the convention was like being invited to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, it was exciting and I felt totally accepted, which was awesome. It was everything that I wanted and more.


One of my favorite parts of conventions is the awesome costumes. The way that people are so creative and realistic makes everyone feel like they are in their own fandom, which is just fantastic. I myself do dabble in the cosplay world and this year I decided to be one of my favorite villains, Poison Ivy


I know that my costume is pretty awesome, but mine was nothing compared to some the costumes I saw. There are a couple for your viewing pleasure.



The best part of the Cosplay world is asking someone why they dressed up as that particular character or why they wanted to be them. The best one was from a guy that was dressed as Goku from Dragonball Z. He told me that the reason that he wanted to be Goku is because he was such a badass, and that he cared about people. I didn’t mention that this guy was going to be a nurse, which was even better.

Celebrities, Comic Writers, and Artists

There were lots of celebrities that there but, only one got my attention. Tony Todd was this one, he played my favorite horror villain “Candyman”. You remember that right? You say his name and then heappears and kills you, Da-Da-Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I love horror films. They have always been a big thing for me. When I went over to him at the both, I got to talk to him but because I was super nervous and awkward, I stared at him for a couple seconds. He looked back at me and just waited then he said “Hey”. When he said “hey” I immediately became the biggest fangirl ever. I immediately went off, and I told him that I loved him in all his roles and that he was fantastic villain. I rambled for a long time but he was gracious, talked to me, and was very understanding. It was fantastic and I am so glad that I met him.



The second part that I loved was the comic writers and artists. There were a lot of well know writers and artists. This included, Scott Synder, James Robinson, and much, much, more. I got to meet several great people while I was there. One of favorite moments was when I met Tim Seely. I am a huge fan and really enjoy his work from Hack/Slash to the new Batman Eternal. He was an awesome guy and let me know some new things he was going to do and signed everything that I had, he was super awesome.


There were some awesome panels that were going on while I was there, with lots of choices. However, my favorite was a panel about LGBT characters in comics. It was lead by Gail Simone. She is a writer for Batgirl, as well as, several different comics. It was nice because, several comic book writers and artists, were there talking about how LGBT characters should be in comics but used in the correct way. It was a refreshing take on this important issue. It was great to feel included in the comic book world.

Indie Comics

So one of my favorite things to do at conventions is to find Indie Comics and take a chance on them. I like to talk with the writers/creators and ask a lot of questions, sometimes I ask too many like Vicki Vale, but most of the time, the creators love people asking questions. For this convention, I found two comics that I would like to highlight.

The first comic was called “Twisted Dark”.



Written by a man named, Neil Gibson, who is based in the UK, “Twisted Dark”, is a book that deals with tons of different stories that issue from suicide to things darker in the imagination.  The crazy thing is that all the stories are connected but it is up to the reader to figure out how. However, the writer helps you in the third book. The stories can be demented, sad, scary, and more, which is what makes this series fantastic. There is something to be said about a comic that really makes you think really hard and “Twisted Dark” does that just perfectly. I purchased the first book while I was there and the next day, I went and bought next two volumes while I was there. It is that good. “Twisted Dark” is like “Momento” meets “Crash”, while having some horror added into the mix.


The second comic is another gem that is on the light side called  “Tiger Lawyer”.

tumblr_m08j6v7FxB1qeameeThis second comic book is hilarious and awesome all in one package. Written by Ryan Ferrier,  the story revolves a tiger who is a high profile lawyer that brings bad guys to justice. Every issue has two different stories within it. It is done with an awesome flip book story. Each story has a separate story that has its own tone and style of art. It is both funny and fantastic. You would expect to see something like this on Adult Swim or Animation Domination. The humor is swift and funny while sticking true to the fact it is a lawyer is a tiger. It is a must read.

The Big Finale

Overall, I had an amazing time. I got to meet some hero’s of mine, both, figuratively and realistically. I got to meet some awesome comic book writers and artist. Finally, I got to see several great panels that works quite well. It was an experience that I hope that you get a chance to go to.

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