Award Winning Indy WATSON and HOLMES is Getting Its Own Movie.

Watson and Holmes came on the scene about a year and a half ago and quickly sold out. With only six issues published by New Paradigm Studios, the series has already been nominated for two Eisner Awards and won four Glyphs (Story of the Year, Best Writer, Best Artist and the annual Fan Award). Earlier today, Watson and Holmes’s Facebook announced a feature film is in production by Feather Films. 

And I have never read the comic!

Why have I never bought this title?  (Answer–because I am a schmuck who only reads Marvel.)

Listen to how cool it sounds: 

Watson and Holmes is a retelling of Sherlock Holmes, but takes place in modern Harlem. There are no side kicks–Holmes and Watson are equals.  Watson is an Afghanistan veteran who works in a clinic while Holmes is a private investigator. On a case, Holmes stops by Watson’s ER and the story begins.

The book features rotating creators including Karl Bollers, Rick Leonardi, Larry Stroman, Brandon Easton, Paul Mendoza and N. Steven Harris. 

Speaking to Newsarama last August, writer Karl Bollers said, “Re-envisioning the duo as African Americans allowed me to explore certain American cultural subtexts not present in the original Doyle novels such as racial profiling, gang initiations, snitching, etc., serving as a window into contemporary urban Americana.”

watson and holmes 1 gave issue one five stars and said:

Honestly this books art, story and characterization seamlessly blend to add some well needed diversity to the comic book medium. While I can’t recommend this book to everyone especially those who need bolts of lightning or flying people to enjoy a comic book. Those looking for something truly different from anything currently offered by DC or Marvel comics, this is the book for you!

Chace Thibodeaux at gave every issue five stars. In his issue one review, Thibodeaux predicted the series would one day get its own film when he wrote, “I wish I were a Hollywood producer with a spare $50 million, as I’d love to option this and make it a film or TV series.”

Co-creator Brandon Perlow and artist N. Steven Harris are going to be in the artist alley at next weekend’s NYC Special Edition comic convention.

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