“ARROW” Season 2 Will Introduce Amanda Waller

With superpowers looming on the horizon in “Arrow,” someone will need to be around keep tabs on all the extraordinary individuals of the world, and that may be coming sooner than we expect. According to a report from SpoilerTV, season 2’s sixth episode entitled “Keep Your Enemies Closer” will introduce Amanda Waller, who most known as the head supervisor in groups like the Suicide Squad and Checkmate, although fans of the 2000s animated series “Justice League Unlimited” will recognize her as the head of Project Cadmus. In “Arrow,” she will be the head of A.R.G.U.S. and lead a team to kidnap John Diggle, who had interactions with the group last season.

Waller is another addition to the expanding cast of DC characters that will be appearing in Arrow’s upcoming season. Notable characters include The Flash, Bronze Tiger, Brother Blood, Jean Loring and new villain Isabel Rochev, not to mention incorporation of the League of Assassins, Suicide Squad, and character Metamorpho rebranded as a chemical company.

Waller has often been referred to as DC’s version of Nick Fury, although she’s usually been more manipulative and selfish than her one-eyed counterpart. Considering that “Arrow” is planning to use this season to build upon DC mythology, it makes sense to have Waller be the woman who keeps tabs on everything out of the ordinary, Oliver Queen included.

There’s another thing to consider: if DC decides they want their movies and television shows to be connected, Waller is the link between these two media. There was already an attempt to this when she appeared in 2011’s “Green Lantern” film, and even though Angela Basset played an interesting version of Waller, the film’s poor reception (i.e. it sucked beyond belief) leads me to believe they’ll ignore that movie altogether and use and “Arrow” and possibly “Man of Steel” as their primary reference points.

Regardless, I’m excited to see what becomes of this. If DC’s attempts at a cinematic universe fail, there’s always a television universe that could be built, and maybe that could work better for them. Just as long as I’ve guaranteed an appearance from Ben Affleck at some point!