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Alan Tudyk Says FIREFLY Has a Real Chance of Returning

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I know discussing Joss Whedon’s cancelled sci-fi show Firefly is an annoyingly persistent conversation in fandom, but this recent news from star Alan Tudyk warrants it.

The onscreen pilot, who just so happened to be killed off in the feature film Serenity, visited Jossie on set of his new tv show S.H.I.E.L.D. the other day. The pair chatted about their glory days and the conversation must have inevitably turned to their fan favorite tale of smugglers and renegades, because Tudyk left the exchange with a ton of optimism.

When asked about the future of the series, this is what he had to say:

“I really think there’s a chance that it[a Firefly resurrection] could happen. I think that as we go forward, as it gets cheaper to shoot in digital … yeah, I hope so. We all want it.

I don’t know how they’d explain Wash’s sudden return from the grave, but I suppose that doesn’t really matter.   I don’t care if they use black magic or George Lucas levels of ret-conning, just bring back the entire cast!

That’s hoping for the best, though.  Just in case Whedon still has an itchy trigger finger, we should probably sacrifice a few geeky virgins and a packet of sour straws at the Altar of Joss.  Neither should be hard to find.

This will always be my favorite Tudyk role. Just him hanging out with Joker and King Baratheon

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S#!T Talking Central

  • merwanor

    Yes! We all want it!

  • pennausamike

    In my mind, until a film or series continuation says different, the
    crew put Wash in River’s cryo-box to take him home for burial. Along the
    way, they are informed by Simon that the same medical tech that
    produced Tracy’s hopped up internal organs (“million credit meat” in
    Tracy’s words) are accessible at Government research facilities. Using a
    bit of improvisation and Book’s ident card, they sneak Wash in place of
    a politico who bumped a deserving recipient (ala PA’s governor Casey
    who bumped everybody down the list for his transplant). Alliance
    bashing, witty dialog and some gunplay ensues. The Firefly ‘verse
    returns to normal.

  • bah weep granah weep nini bong

    I think it’s easy to carry on Firefly. The fans love it so much why not just say the film was a means to an end and simply just carry on where the tv series left off. We all love the film but if there is a chance (any chance!!) that Firefly would make it back then it has to come back with all the characters. Let Joss finish of season one and continue into season 2/3/4/5 :)

    I think every brown coat fan would agree we’d rather have the tv series as it was with all its characters than try and follow on from the film. I love the film but i want my Serenity crew as was.

    Shiny :)

  • Aaroneous

    If Dobson can survive being shot in the eye, Wash can survive being shot in the chest. And buried…

    • Jack Strawb

      Do we know for certain he was buried? We saw markers, but those might have been memorial markers, with the bodies elsewhere…

  • Barry Collins

    What about the Rev?

    • chinagreenelvis

      Everybody forgets that his dead ass is still tied to the fore…

  • Tory Quinton

    Simple way to keep Wash present and added something new to the storyline. We know that Wash was killed and that his body was buried. We also know that the Alliance is not too keen on letting the crew of the Firefly get away after what they did and that they still would want to get their hands on the Super-weapon River Tam, perhaps now more than ever, knowing how powerful she could actually be… Lets push the show forward three years. They have had to stay together because no other group will employ any of them and risk the ire of the Alliance… The Reavers have expanded now and are no longer a myth told to frighten children. The Alliance, wanting to get their hands on River Tam dig up Wash and collect his DNA, clone him and place him as pilot on an Alliance freighter that is left to draw in the Firefly. The crew, seeing Wash take him in and try to figure out what happened, was he really dead, is this a trick. For all purposes Wash is Wash with his same attitude but lacking all of the real washes memories. Over the course of the show his purpose can be slowly revealed, his “marriage” can resume, albeit with great distrust and eventually he can be used to bring River Tam to the Alliance. And at some point we can revisit the shows spiritual dimension by considering is this Wash, a clone real or not?

    And Sheppard Book? No way to bring him back as a main character, but perhaps he can make frequent appearances as a sort of dream advisor to one of the characters. Imagine Jayne Cobb beingplagued by nightly visitations of Sheppard Book with his nuggets of wisdom.

    • Jack Strawb

      Interesting. A Wash resurrection would drive pretty much everything about a revived series. Could work, though I would just accept a ‘do-over’ that doesn’t even mention the film.

  • Reality Calling

    Alan is known to have a sense of humor. I wouldn’t put much stake in a single comment. It would take an official announcement from Joss that a new Firefly project was in development before I’d consider it anything more than hopeful fan-boy talk.