ADVANCE REVIEW! Ximphonic Versus: OnyX Overture


Is this modern fantasy something that fans should rally behind? Or is this among the many that can’t get over the first hurdle? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dsbenix Digital Entertainment:

The only Symphonic Swords left to the world lies in the fabled Kingdom of Noctium Imperium,Seat of the Illidrium throne. Whilst old hates fueled by generation long conflicts have led to a victorian war lasting 800 years. Under the guise of amity the vastly superior Countith’alyian Dynasty, and the kingdom of Honorum’idola launches a full-scale invasion of the Glass kingdom. Seeking to capture the last Destiny Amatura Crystal and it’s powers for themselves. Yet far to the east a new power rises known as the Symphony Empire. It’s emperor will stop at nothing to capture the Symphonic swords of Eon and the last true Throne of kings. Swiftly the illustrious Lucem-Duodecim Kingdom sends forth it’s crowned prince, Addonnis Neos Latrunculus. As he chooses between two evils, Struggling to capture the Symphonic swords of Eon. As his entire world is consumed by the flames of war.

XV AltOne of the things that I love most about working at Unleash the Fanboy, is the chance to review the work of aspiring comic creators, and hopefully help them get the recognition they deserve. Amongst these projects, Ximphonic Versus is one that I’ve been eager to jump into, as ever since the creator first sent me concept art, I’ve been intrigued to see what this world really looks like. Showing a modern take on the fantasy genre, this prelude does a wonderful job of wetting the appetite, as though it’s a story that some may need to read twice to fully take in, it certainly is intriguing.

Xing Xin is the creator behind this concept, working on both the script and art. Having a vivid imagination, Xin does a brilliant job of introducing us to some of the characters from this world, as though there’s yet any that stand out as fascinating characters, there’s something to all that makes them interesting. The ambiguous plot does however leave me in two minds, as though the mysterious factors behind the actions of the characters within is alluring, the lack of clarity also means a lack of depth, with there being no clear focus as to where this story‚Äôs going. Nevertheless, as preludes go, this is certainly indulging, leaving me enthusiastic to read more.

Though I may be a little sceptical whether the plot alone is enough to capture the attention of the average comic book reader, the art most certainly will. Radiating a majestic beauty throughout, Xin’s detailed art is certainly eye catching, with his digital paints adds great depth to this world. The dynamic layouts, and vibrant colour palette also helps to bring life to this intriguing story, with the character expressions being tantalisingly captivating. In addition to this, we are also treated to marvellous scenery, as between the suburban drive and forest landscapes mesmerizing.

OnyX Overture is a wonderful prelude, as though the teaser nature of this issue leaves a lot of double edged questions, the look and concept behind this world is certainly alluring. The passion of the writer is also always on display, as though not every sequence is perfect, they are all handled with love and respect. So if you want to read this comic come March 17th, hit creator Xing Xin up on Facebook, and he’ll hook you up with a copy. Also for more information on the series, follow their main Facebook page as well.

  • + Mindblowing artwork.
  • + Interesting characters.
  • + Wonderful concept.
  • - A little too brief.

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