Shotgun Wedding #4

ADVANCE REVIEW: Shotgun Wedding #4

Shotgun Wedding #4

Shotgun Wedding has finally came to it’s conclusion but how will things end for Mike, Denise and Chloe? Read on to find out.

The official description from Top Cow:

Mike Stone wants nothing more than to marry the woman of his dreams. Denise is smart, sexy, teaches the second grade, and loves Mike more than anything in the world. What she doesn’t know is that Mike is one of the world’s top assassins and was once engaged to a fellow assassin named Chloe. And when Mike abandoned Chloe on their wedding day, she vowed revenge…

Shotgun Wedding #4Shotgun Wedding‘s final issue. It may only have lasted four issues but this series has had a huge impact on me with it’s dramatic and energetic tone reminding me why I love comics in the first place.

William Harms goes out with a bang giving us the final showdown between Mike and Chloe whilst also showing why they themselves never got married. Throughout the series Harms has shown pure storytelling class with everything from dialogue to action and tone working in harmony. He does this yet again here as everything feels necessary and purposeful. Added to this he also gives an intense and dramatic conclusion in the issue which is very fitting.

The artwork is once again outstanding and you have Edward Pun to thank for that. Over the four issues of this weekly mini-series Pun has truly amazed me with his dynamic and powerful art that not only flows smoothly but leaves an impact. He has however left the best for last as with the explosive and intense action going on he gives friction on a new level with everything feeling like something out of a film. On top of this he also uses shading to add intensity and suspense with his black and white overtone giving a gritty and mysterious look to the story.

Shotgun Wedding has unfortunately came to an end and I honestly don’t know how long it will be till a mini-series the same level as this arises again. What I can say however it was well worth the ride and I for one can’t recommend this issue and the entire mini enough.

  • + William Harms brings everything full circle.
  • + Edward Pun produces yet more explosive artwork.
  • + Will have you hooked to every page.
  • + Brilliant end to a brilliant story!

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