Will Enoch prevail? Or will Michael destroy Eden? Read on to find out.

The official description from OSSM Comics:

Tragically, the loss Eden has suffered thus far was only the beginning. Michael has gathered his army, leading a full-scale invasion into Paradise. The war has begun, and only one side will be victorious. Will Enoch & Lucifer save humanity, or lead the people of Eden to their demise? Who is the Metatron, and what is his connection to God? What other evils exist in the universe besides Michael? Find out in the final issue Monomyth by Siike Donnelly (Solestar, Elan Vital) and rising-star artist Eric Ninaltowski, only from OSSM Comics.

MONOMYTH_3_Print-Ready_r4-6Monomyth reaches it’s conclusion, with this three part mini-series definitely being short but sweet. Well maybe sweet isn’t the most accurate of descriptions given the brutality of the action within. Nevertheless, the series has done a wonderful job of giving us a What If? scenario, with the depth, and thought process being extremely enthralling. Despite this, the series does face some sketchy areas in this final chapter, with the pacing being a little off at times.

Siike Donnelly has so far exceeded all expectations, delivering two amazing issues. He does however fail to sprinkle the same kind of magic over this conclusion, as though the issue is still a strong performance from the writer, it’s not quite as awe inspiring. One thing that I did love about his script was the way he showed Michael as a character who just wanted a bit of love from God, with his hate coming out of this. I also found the action to be very intense, and energetic, but initially a little too quick of pace.

Eric Ninaltowski‘s art has continued to impress me more and more with each passing issue. Though there are still some stiff moments, the general fluidness of his action sequences, and the sheer detail allows for some spectacular moments. He also gives us some amazing scenery, with the vast armies also adding that extra layer of intensity. Despite this it’s his art on Michael that really impressed me, with the gruesome disfigurement to his face, and change in emotion allowing for some eye catching moments. Peejay Catacutan‘s colours also once again give a radiant feel to this world, with the darker tones conveying the grim events.

Monomyth comes to an exciting conclusion, as though the outcome isn’t as enthralling as the build-up, it’s certainly a fabulous addition from this young company. It also shows more signs to the reverse Michael/Lucifer concept, with the character development being particularly intriguing. Highly recommended.

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