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ADVANCE REVIEW! Grimm Fairy Tales presents The Little Mermaid #1

LittleMermaid_01_cover A

Does Zenescope have yet another amazing title on their hands? Or is this a stretch to far? Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

Do you know the real story of The Little Mermaid?

When a young mermaid finds herself captured, her world will turn upside down and she will need to find the courage to confront her fears or perish at the hands of evil.

LittleMermaid_01_cover BLike most 90’s kids, I am more than familiar with the tale of the Little Mermaid, with the Disney animated films of that decade being a huge part of my childhood. So when Zenescope announced that they’d be releasing a series solely focused on the character, I was more than intrigued. Having established themselves as a darker, more adult twist on the world of fairy tales, Zenescope continues to grab my attention, with each new #1 drawing me further into their amazing world.

Meredith Finch may be receiving some mixed reviews for her run on Wonder Woman, but that hasn’t stopped her from creating something truly magical here. Joined by Joe Brusha on the story, Finch manages to flesh out a mysterious plot, that twists this legendary tale into something refreshingly unique. She also manages to change our perspectives on certain characters, as though the likes of the Sea Witch remains as menacing as ever, we are shown a different side to the Little Mermaid. Despite this, there was the odd confusing moment within this tale, as though I commend the freshness, it did stagger me for a bit.

The artwork on this issue can be described in one word: mesmerizing. Capturing the sheer beauty of Erica (and the Sea Witch for that matter), Miguel Mendonça certainly knows how to capture the reader’s eye. He also manages to give a grippingly thrilling pace to the story, with his energetic layouts adding great depth to Finch and Brusha’s story. The colours of Ivan Nunes also resonates beauty, with the mixture of dark and light blues, as well as the radiant greens and pinks allowing for a fantastic finish.

Grimm Fairy Tales presents The Little Mermaid #1 is something that every fanboy and fangirl should try, as whether you love the character or know very little about her, this series will leave you begging for more. It also has breathtaking art, that’s bound to leave you speechless.

  • + Breathtaking art.
  • + Unique twist on a classic.
  • + Gripping plot.
  • - A little confusing at times.

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