Will Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips produce the goods yet again? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

The first project from their groundbreaking five-year deal at Image will have ED BRUBAKER and SEAN PHILLIPS fans, old and new, at the edge of their seats, as they weave an epic crime story unlike anything they’ve done before. Hollywood – 1948. A noir film stuck in endless reshoots. A writer plagued with nightmares from the war and a dangerous secret. An up-and-coming starlet’s suspicious death. And a maniacal Studio Mogul and his Security Chief who will do anything to keep the cameras rolling before the Post-War boom days come crashing down. THE FADE OUT is the most ambitious series yet from the award-winning Noir Masters. Bonus: This 40-PAGE FIRST ISSUE features more story pages, as well as exclusive back pages articles that are only in these single issues!

The Fade Out #1 Cover BThe Fade Out is here, and I have to say I’m very excited. Having been a fan of both Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips work for years, but late to the part for Fatale, I was looking forward to seeing what they’d do next. In traditional fashion they give us a lavish noir tale, telling a murder mystery set in the 40’s. It also shows our main character attempt to piece together his actions leading up to this tragic event, curious as to what happened and whether he was a part of it

Ed Brubaker is one of the stand out writers from the last ten years, with both his Marvel/DC work and his independent work being astonishing. He may however have kept his best for The Fade Out, as though this issue itself didn’t completely blow me away, the set-up and premise gives me the feeling that it’ll soon be. The wonderful narration, and gentle build-up really helps readers get into the tale, with main character Charlie’s amnesia like state making the story all the more mysterious. Despite this I didn’t feel the usual suspense that Brubaker gives in his noir tales, though this’ll most likely be to introduce the story and characters.

Sean Phillips always amazes me with his gripping artwork, with his collaborations with Brubaker being particularly enthralling. Having honed his skills over the years, Phillips has mastered the art of positioning, giving a lot of depth, and realism to the story. He also gives intense facial expressions, showing the frustration, and grimace on Charlie’s face perfectly. The inks that Phillips produces also give a crisp edge to his pencils, and along with Elizabeth Breitweiser‘s soft palette it gives the perfect finish to his art.

The Fade Out gets off to an amazing start, with Brubaker and Phillips latest mystery being very enticing. Highly recommended.

  • + Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips are the best recurring creative team.
  • + Intriguing characters.
  • + Start of a wonderful murder mystery.
  • - Not as suspenseful as Brubaker's regular work.

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