If ADAM WARLOCK Isn’t Peter Quill’s Dad I’ll Eat My Socks

Peter Quill’s Dad. Who the hell could he be? In the comics, Star-Lord’s resident pappy was a douchey aristocrat from the Spartoi Empire. A bit more than an aristocrat, actually. J’Son was his name and he actually ruled the Spartoi. Not quite the Kree or Skrull Empire, but a substantial force in the Universe, nontheless.

Well, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn recently revealed that Peter Quill’s comic book father wouldn’t necessarily be faithfully adapted int he films. Star-Lord will have a different sire, in fact. And I’m willing to be it’s Adam Warlock, guardian of the infinity stones.


This isn’t a mind blowing idea, mind you. Quite a few of our geeky peers speculated our same theories soon after the film’s release, and I couldn’t venture much further into my own fanboy fantasizing without admitting that much. Still, Adam Warlock is quite the fetch for Quill’s young mother.

Adam has a pretty damn convoluted origin in the comics. He was originally created as the epitome of human perfection. A genetic experiment, Adam quickly adopted a messianic arc (similar to Superman or Goku’s own geeky adventures). During the Infinity Gauntlet saga, he transformed a bit more, becoming the spiritual guide for the crusading heroes fighting against Thanos.

Convoluted, right? Well, now that you know a bit of his backstory, I’ll reveal my evidence which supports his Quill siring. I’ve only really two parts, which are honestly not very remarkable, although compelling in tiny bits. First, Peter Quill’s mother describes his father as an angellic figure composed of pure light, a look which Adam Warlock most definitely sports at various parts of his comic book life. Second, James Gunn has already introduced Adam Warlock’s coccoon (and it was open in the GOTG after credit scene). Warlock would most certainly be a known entity in the galaxy. He would’ve been incapacitated within The Collector’s storehouse for innumerable years, which explains why he never searched for Quill after the Ravagers failed to deliver him.

Adam Warlock is just TOO PERFECT not to be the father. Without channelling my inner Maury Povich, Warlock, you should totally definitely maybe be the father!!!