A Cute Kitty, GAME OF THRONES, and Pantie Dropping Meows

What better way to start the day than by Meowing your way through Westeros with a very kitty version of the Game of Thrones theme “A Song of Ice and Fire”?

I’ll take that very inaudible answer as a ceding “there’s nothing better, Great Fanboy King”.

So, with your supplication in stow, allow me to introduce this f***ing adorable Meow-meister and his sick pantie dropping lyrics.

Did that completely rock your world, or what? Now, if they could only find a way to include Emma Watson and a super secret reveal for Half-Life 3, I think the internet would self implode… or, at least, that’s my theory.

This very Zoolander-esque White Walker approves. So. Much. Blue. Steel.