90 Minutes of REDDIT in 57 Seconds

If you enjoy your fair share of Water Polo Boobs and Justice Porn, then you probably belong to an elite squad of humanity known as redditors. They’re a warm hearted bunch, wasting their days clicking aggregated link after link, hoping for some incidentally entertaining web content to draw a smirk across their face.

But mostly, they just waste a s*** ton of time looking at cute cats on the internet.

And as any reputable redditor knows, wasting your life on the web produces a wave of guilt which I’ve affectionately called the “Reddit Hangover”.

It’s real.

It’s real and it hurts.

Well, if you didn’t already feel like a complete failure, here’s what 90 minutes of redditing looks like condensced into 57 seconds through some classy time lapse.  It all looks like so much… nothing.  Wasting of life confirmed.

If you’ll excuse me, I have to go spread some upvotes with the world.  Gotta get my jimmies somehow.