4 Simple Steps To Make GHOSTBUSTERS 3 Not Suck

Dan Ackroyd has been kicking around a Ghostbusters 3 script for at least 10 years, and at this point it’s just too late.  Harold Ramis has passed away and Bill Murray is isn’t game, it’s just too late.  I’m sorry Dan.  Time took you guys out and I don’t want to see you in the GhostBusters uniform anymore., nor do I want to see anyone taking the place of the original Ghostbusters either.  


That being said I am truly curious to know what the movie would have been like.  What would Ackroyd’s project have looked like?  It seems like this movie is going to be made no matter what happens, so how can it happen without sullying the legacy of the previous movies.  The answer hit me.  Turn it into The Real Ghostbusters movie.  And here are the steps to pulling it off

1) Base it on the cartoon THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS

Ackroyd in the late 90’s said he needed more money than he could secure, with animation that is a non-issue.  If the animators used the same models from the Real Ghostbusters (but obviously improved the animation)  it would still have that late 80’s early 90’s feel.  Make it a period piece so to speak.


2) Hipster-friendly Soundtrack

Have a soundtrack similar to the Muppet Green Album that was released just before the Jason Siegel revival, with Hipster bands covering the old songs and then keep the score the same.


3) Original Cast or GTFO

Ackroyd got Murray to record voice over work for the very cool GhostBusters video game, I would bet he could secure Murray for a day or two of voice work.  Remember when he showed up at the Spike TV Scream Awards in 2010 wearing his old greys?  Murray is still down to feed a level of nostalgia, and my generation is most certainly prematurely nostalgic.  Maurice LaMarche who voiced Egon in the cartoon is still alive and I’m sure would be willing reprise his role as Egon.  While it’s not quite the same, I’m sure its a better option than whatever live action decisions are being made.


4) Pre-DVD Release

Release the Real Ghostbusters movie on VOD through services like Amazon and Vudu charge 10 bucks a pop like most pre-dvd releases and I would bet you could turn a profit before DVD Blu Ray sales even hit.


The best part of this is that if it sucks, it is easily dismissed.  But if it kicks ass, it kicks ass and we get a new Ghost Busters and maybe a new way to explore the franchise.  My caveat for this is that if the plan is to dump four new GhostBusters into the roster as a next generation thing, don’t bother.

So what do you think?  Would you be game for The Real GhostBusters Movie