4 Pokemon That Will Change the Meta Game

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If you have paid any attention to any of my Pokemon article, you will know that I have been ranting about how worried I am about the changes in the Meta Game. Well I’m gonna say that I am already right. I’m not talking about the Mega Pokemon now, but they are an interesting component that will change the Meta. Working with Mega Pokemon will just be a factor of figuring out which one the opponent has (and knowing the Meta Game people will all end up using the same 5 or 6). This is a list of the Pokemon that have the potential to change the game Mega or not.

#1 Klefki


That’s right, the little key ring has made the list already. I know what you are saying. It’s a really, really dumb Pokemon. Seriously it’s pretty close to the Trubbish of the 6th gen. But take a closer look at this guy. Fairy and Steel? That takes away both of Fairy’s weaknesses. It’s immune to both Dragon and Poison type attacks (which will both be carried very often now). Then it’s got Prankster and the Magician hidden ability that takes the opponent’s held item. This thing may not end up in OU, but don’t be surprised if it’s used on very gimmicky teams like a Sableye.

#2 Florges

FlorgesYes another kinda silly Pokemon tops the list, this time though it isn’t for a gimmicky reason. Florges is legitimately the best sole fairy type in my opinon. It’s stats are pretty decent overall (specifically it’s special defense and special attack). There are not a lot of fairy types (which is good or else they would be everywhere in the Meta). It’ll be on more double battle teams, especially teamed with Mega Venusaur because of it’s ability.

#3 Gardevoir

GardeviorGiving this thing Fairy type was probably enough to bump it up to OU already. Adding in a Mega Evolution too? You got your self a monster. Gardevoir already had a high special attack and access to calm mind. Now she has a typing that really separates herself from the crowd. I honestly would not be surprised to see her like we have seen Scizor in OU. She can wall any dragon types, STAB psychic on fighting types, and now is not weak to dark or bug types. Gardevoir is now a beast.

#4 Aegislash

aegislashAlright the first non-fairy Pokemon is the last one on the list. It is also by far the most gimmicky Pokemon that I can think of. Sword form has 150 attack and special attack, Shield form has 150 defense and special defense, then both have low speed. To switch to sword form you only have to attack, then to switch back you use the priority move King’s Shield to protect one turn and revert back to Shield Form. You send it out to sponge a hit, attack after that or use Swords Dance. Once you attack revert back to Shield. A King’s Shield, Swords Dance, Sacred Sword, Shadow Sneak move set is a perfect set that could down most Pokemon. If this set works it will be in uber in no time. While it’s not, have at it all meta-gamers