4 Classic Stages That Gotta Return in SUPER SMASH BROS WII U

Two classic stages were confirmed for the latest Super Smash Bros. I’m not happy with either of them. Here’s  my list of stages that deserve a repeat appearance.


Poke Floats


Have a Pokemon battle on Poke Floats. Pokeception

What really sells a stage is how it forces you to be aware of your surroundings. You thought that Venusaur was going to save you?  Maybe you should pay attention how long to how long it was out. Don’t stand on those Unknown or you’re going to have a bad time. Aww look at the Seal.   Plus there is just something about the idea of four brawlers busting knuckles on top of a plastic Whooper in the skies of Kanto that is too awesome to ignore.


Great Bay


I can’t figure out why people don’t like this map

A giant turtle with a tree on its back and the space rock that plagued my nightmares for three straight years creeping closer and closer is enough to land the Great Bay of Termina on my list.  Seriously, that’s all I got.


Pirate ship



I swear I’m not bias toward Zelda arenas. But there’s actual legitimacy for this one. Basically, Pirate Ship is better version of the Rainbow Cruise. There are enough things-cannonballs, whirlwinds, catapults,  other pirates-to keep it interesting  An added bonus is the best song of the Zelda soundtrack, The Song of Storms, fits in quite nicely on this map.

(An Updated) Venom

Imagine this but better

Imagine this but better

Ok, stay with me on this on. The Great Fox has been a Super Smash Bros staple since the N64.  In two of the maps, ( Sector Z and Corneria) players use it as a horizontal platform. I suggest a fusion of the two. Keep it horizontal like in Corneria, but put it in a firefight like Venom.  Think about it, now think about it again.  At the core its a really wide flying stage.

Now before you get in a tizzy, I am aware most of these stages are banned in high-level tournament play due to “stage hazards” and “blast line interference” and  other  reasons  by gamers who don’t believe being good at an arena fighting game should include the ability to adapt and manipulate the environment to their advantage.  But you can only play The Final Destination about…seven times before things start to get stale.

Hopefully, more info is released about which stages are coming back. Just please no more Flatzone.