X-MEN Producers Want Jennifer Lawrence In A Mystique Spinoff Film

While the X-Men film franchise has been going strong (relatively speaking) since 2000, there haven’t been any spinoff films outside of Wolverine. However, that hasn’t stopped Fox from reminding us that they want to create more spinoffs in the franchise. X-Force is currently in development, Deadpool has been languishing for years, and now there’s a new character they want to see go solo: Mystique.


Producer Lauren Schuler Donner, who’s been producing the X-Men films since the beginning, stated that she’d like to see Jennifer Lawrence play the character in a solo film. Donner’s co-producer Simon Kinberg agrees, stating that he loves what Lawrence has done with the character, and because she’s only been seen in an ensemble, “there’s so much more opportunity if you were to follow her solo.” Donner and Kinberg have previously advocated for getting Deadpool and Gambit their own movies.

In the words of Dr. Evil: “HOW ‘BOUT NO!” Look, Lawrence is an extremely talented actress, but Mystique does not deserve her own film. If the films had followed her comic book origins and established her as a character hundreds of years old, then maybe it could have worked…barely. However, as we saw in the films, though she may be aging slower than normal, she’s only about 80 years old, and during that time she’s either been hanging with either Professor X or Magneto.

Well, she and Magneto may be doing more than "hanging out."

Well, she and Magneto may be doing more than “hanging out.”

“But wait,” you may ask: “Why couldn’t her film just take place after X-Men: Days of Future Past.” Well, it could. Since the franchise moving away from the original films and focusing on the First Class continuity, Mystique’s future will probably follow a different path than the one she went on in X-Men 3. Here’s the thing, though: there are plenty of characters more deserving of their own film.

In a poll conducted by EW, 24% of readers stated they wanted to see a Deadpool film, while only 11% wanted to see Mystique finishing in second-to-last place above Magneto. Other properties that beat the mutant shapeshifter included Gambit, X-Force and Storm. We’ve already seen Mystique in four (soon to be five) X-Men films, so she’s had plenty of representation. Also, while may be a great character in the comics, unlike Wolverine, she’s not as interesting when she’s by herself (I’m sure I’ll get yelled at for that). Choose someone who hasn’t been properly represented on screen and would benefit better from a solo adventure…namely Deadpool! Seriously Fox, when are you going to realize that this is the guy we want to see?

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SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly