X-Men: First Class To Start Filming January 2013

Just a few weeks ago we received word that Fox will indeed make a sequel to 2011’s highly praised mutie flick X-Men: First Class. While the first film wasn’t exactly a “blockbuster” (at least when compared to other summer fare like Transformers) it did manage to rake in about $350 million at the box office.

Well, if you remember, Jennifer Lawrence starred as Mystique in that film, but her newest starring role is serving as a bit of a conflict. Since The Hunger Games was such a smashing success, they’ve decided to film their own sequel in the Fall, which was when Matthew Vaughn and crew were set to return to X-Men. Thanks to a bit of bartering, the mutants have pushed their start date to January, allowing Lawrence to make the Fall shoot of Catching Fire.

I guess this is pretty good news, but it’s got me wondering… since Jennifer Lawrence is such a world wide phenomenon, I bet Fox will give her a much larger chunk of First Class 2. Especially since the first one ended it’s theatrical run in such a muddled way.

What do you guys think?



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