WONDER WOMAN Will Get A Solo Movie…Eventually


As she rightly deserves, it sounds like Wonder Woman will eventually get the opportunity to fight evil by herself in the future. Yesterday, we learned that actress Gal Gadot signed a three-movie contract and was getting payed $300,000 for her role in Batman vs. Superman. Today, Variety confirmed that and said that those other two films would include a Justice League film and a standalone Wonder Woman film.


However, don’t expect this solo outing for many years. If DC’s movie plans are any indication (which to be fair they usually aren’t), it looks like Batman vs. Superman will be used to lead into the Justice League film with the solo films following afterwards. If we assume that the rumor about Batman vs. Superman and Justice League being filmed back-to-back is true, which in no way has been verified yet, then the soonest be would see the Justice League film is in 2017 or 2018. Unless they plan to film Wonder Woman directly after production on Justice League has ended, we probably won’t see Wonder Woman on her own until 2020.


At least we know the option is in her contract. While previous three-movie contracts have led nowhere (I’m looking at you, Ryan Reynolds and Green Lantern), I doubt this will be the case for Gal Gadot. With all of the hype surrounding Batman vs. Superman, it’s unlikely they’d re-cast her for a future movie, let alone drop the character entirely. If that didn’t send out the angry mob of fans, I don’t know what would.

Basically, it sounds like they’ll test the waters for the world’s most famous Amazon in Batman vs. Superman, and then work out any tweaks in her for Justice League so that she’ll be ready for her solo venture. Is this fair for her? Not necessarily. I would have gone the Marvel route (sorry, “copied” Marvel) and done solo films for the individual films for Wonder Woman and the rest of the JL members before getting them together. However, what can I say about this that hasn’t already been written in caps on a blog post or yelled about in a video?

I’m just happy that we’re finally getting Wonder Woman on the big screen and that she’ll be getting her own film in the future. Now for my second most-important Wonder Woman query: what’s happening on the Steve Trevor front?

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SOURCE: Variety