WONDER WOMAN Gets to Fight Monsters in Her Movie

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Wonder Woman goes in front of the cameras next month, so it’s kinda remarkable that we don’t know an awful lot about it. Chris Pine is playing Steve Trevor, Sean Bean and Eva Green might be Ares and Circe and we’ve heard some rumblings about parts of the movie being set during World War I. Largely, however, the development has been air-tight (in comparison to Batman v Superman, which is always in the news) – until now!

JoBlo is on the scene with some super-cool details regarding the movie’s plot, ranging from characters to World War III. Wait, what?

They affirm that the movie will be set during both WWI and modern day, as well as Circe and Ares being the villains, however Ares will be more of a “puppet master”. The cool stuff is that at some point in the film Ares will send an army of red/green demonic, horned monsters to stop Wonder Woman, and during the final battle Circe will turn into a “Chimera-like monster”. Squeal!

Wonder Woman 37_Preview Cover

As for the plot itself, it supposedly involves Circe “manipulating high-level government men into starting World War III with the help of Ares.” This probably raises more questions than answers – why does Circe want to start WWIII? It’s an interesting concept, though, and the last time politics was used in a superhero movie (The Winter Soldier) it went down pretty well.

The biggest spoilers from the report have nothing to do with giant monsters or politics, however. I think it’s pretty clear by now that the foundations of the DC Extended Universe will be very Batman-centric, and that is set to increase with Wonder Woman, as Batsy will apparently be making an appearance during the battle with Ares’ demons. Or at least have his “presence” felt. In addition to this, the movie takes place a couple of months before Batman v Superman.

I’ve long thought that Batman would be the Nick Fury of DC’s early movie output. That role fits his character the best out of all the League members and he’s the most popular, so it’s basically a win-win situation for money and storytelling. He was in the freaking Suicide Squad trailer – Warner Bros. clearly want him to play a major role in all the movies. Does this mean he’ll also pop up in The Flash and Aquaman? I don’t think it’ll be necessary then as they’re post-Justice League, but anything’s possible.

Pop on over to JoBlo for a few more details, including the status of the Invisible Jet!

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What do you guys think? Is Wonder Woman shaping up to be awesome, or a dud? Sound off!