THE WOLVERINE Features Logan’s Classic Cowl Costume In Alternate Ending

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A while back a prop department image appeared online featuring Wolverine’s classic cowl costume. Something that has never been featured in the X-Men films. The costume was put together for The Wolverine but never made into this summer’s cut. However, an alternate ending to the film was shot that included Logan receiving the costume as a gift. It will be interesting to see if Fox ends up using this awesome design for future films. Possibly showing up in X-Men Days of Future Past, X-Force or even The Wolverine sequel.┬áThe costume looks to have more of tactical look to it and might lead to Logan’s eventual ninja training by Ogun.

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Hugh Jackman is rumored to be coming back to play Wolverine for three to four movies post-Days of Future Past. One way to freshen up the franchise is give Logan his classic costume. Luckily, the MCU has allowed costumed Marvel heroes to be taken seriously while wearing comic book friendly costumes. If Captain America and Thor can be taken seriously in their wild costumes, why couldn’t Wolverine finally wear the cowl?