Will Marc Webb Direct The Amazing Spider-Man Sequel?

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The sequel to the recent reboot The Amazing Spider-Man hits theaters on May 2nd 2014, and recently there’s been quite a lot of chit-chat on the matter of whether directer Marc Webb will return to helm it. Rumours were floating around a while back that Sony were very unhappy with the first cut of the movie and it was severely butchered in the editing room, and that’s pretty clear once you see the movie. I don’t think Webb did a bad job. In fact I really liked his direction. But the huge last-minute recut resulted in the finished film feeling disjointed and odd in places, so I think a lot of the negativity towards the reboot came from that.

Well, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, chief of Columbia Pictures Douglas Longrad hinted that Webb may NOT be back for the sequel, due to contract obligations with Fox. See, when he made (500) Days of Summer he signed a contract saying he has to make another movie with them, although that doesn’t specifically have to be stop him from directing The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Will Marc Webb return to direct the sequel?

We’d really like him back, but there are obstacles. He has an obligation to Fox. [Webb owes Fox a post-(500) Days of Summer film.]

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SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

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